French Publishing SciFi/Fantasy House « Le Belial » post one and two years ago three columns about how the cycle of Dune by Franck Herbert has inspired many musicians. From Dave Matthews to Brian Eno, from psycherock to electronica…

You can read them (in french) by clicking on links below.

Dune : Inspirations I

Dune : Illustrations

Dune : Inspirations II

Of course, for non french readers, you can just listen all the tracks, diving in this huge and weird universe and thinking about how it could be cool to read or re-read the main Dune cycle, the prequel and the sequel by Herbert’s son (by the way if you do this may be you have to send someone to work for you).

Here some of the differents tracks (and you have more in the source articles)

Dave Matthews : Arrakis

Iron Maiden : To tame a land (an ode to the main caracter Paul Atreides)

Brian Eno : Prophecy Theme (from de the movie)

Philippe Ulrich : Dune soundtrack from the video game (i spent so many time on this game…)

Shaddam IV : Sickbed of Mentats   (synthpop)

and additional selection of my choice but not the least :

Laurent Garnier : The alliance EP (a good memory of my twenty years)

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